Tuff Floors are manufacturers and suppliers of quality, interlocking vinyl and rubber safety floor tiles, flooring trims, drainage mats and duck boards. Used in Industrial Commercial and Domestic flooring applications


Pedestra Vinyl Flooring

A unique, hidden interlocking vinyl floor tile that incorporates the first generation Tuff Seal design. Once installed, the interlock and sealing system is hidden underneath the tile. Two safety surface patterns are available, namely the Stud and Checker Plate pattern. These floor tiles are used in both commercial and domestic flooring applications such as offices and schools.


Plasti Lock Interlocking Vinyl Flooring

A strong interlocking vinyl flooring system where the interlocks are visible when installed. They are similar to rubber flooring but are easy to install and can be laid without adhesives in many applications. Used in commercial, domestic and industrial applications.


Dura Mat Industrial Duck Board

A ridged, interlocking duck board where the top surface is smooth to allow boxes to slide on them when used in the back of trucks.


Shower Mat Safety Flooring
The Shower mat is a flexible, self draining vinyl floor tile designed for showers, bathhouses, change rooms and general wet areas that require a safety floor.


Mark03 Anti Fatigue Mat
A strong rubber drainage mat that is designed to provide a safe, slip-resistant, protective floorcovering that is equally effective in both dry and wet areas. They are used in factories, sculleries, bars, and work areas.


Soft Rubber Mat

Interlocking floor tiles made from recycled, bonded crumb rubber. They are flexible, soft and easy to install. Can be used outdoors on slippery walkways or as a protective layer on sensitive subfloors.


Carpet Rub Mat

This entrance mat is made from recycled rubber that has a tuff stain resistant “miracle fibre” carpet pressed into it.



The Soil Stabilization tile is designed to prevent soil erosion and to give soil stability in applications such as muddy pathways, grass parking areas, embankments and light aircraft taxi ways.

loopy mat

Loopy Mat Logo

The Loopy Mat is wonderful for entrances or “walk-off” areas

bubble angle

Bubble Mat

The fantastic Anti Fatigue Bubble is essential in areas where people are standing for long periods of time.

linkable restaurant mat

Restaurant Mat

These safety mats can be used behind bars, in sculleries, manufacturing plants and mines.


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