Mark-3-drainage-matMark 3 with interlocking ramps

Mark 3 Drainage Mat

Mark 3 anti-fatigue drainage mats are primarily designed to provide a safe, non slip protective floor covering that is equally effective in both dry and wet areas. They are made from an amazingly strong thermoplastic rubber compound, and is designed to absorb high impact and to protect falling articles.

Product Specifications – Mark3 Tile

Material Thermoplastic
Rubber Compound
Size 480 x 480 mm
Hole Size 16mm
Height 9mm
Weight 2Kg / Unit
Colours Black

Product Specifications – Mark3 Tile Ramp

Material Thermoplastic
Rubber Compound
Size 180 x 480 mm
Thickness From 5mm to 20mm

Product Description

mark-3-non-slip-floor-coverings-with-rampsMark 3 anti-fatigue drainage mats have matching ramps that taper to the sub-floor at a 45° angle.Please note that there are two different types of ramps for either side of the drainage mat.Please make reference to the picture when placing orders.


  • Workshops
  • Canteens and bars
  • Cold rooms
  • Outdoor pool areas
  • Sculleries
  • Machine shops
  • Back of bakkies and pick-up’s
  • Wet areas
  • Behind lathes


  • Durability
  • Easily installed
  • High impact resistance
  • Creates safe and comfortable working environment


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