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Plasti Lock – Big Brother – Vinyl Floor Tiles

Plasti-Lock Big Brother vinyl floor tiles are an aesthetically pleasing interlocking alternative for a hard wearing industrial floor surface.

They are made from heavy duty vinyl and are 7.5mm thick. They will not break, nor crack and simply clip into one another.

We offer two grades of black material as well as a lighter, cavity tile and a heaver, solid tile.


Product Specifications – Plasti Lock Big Brother

Size 510 x 510 mm
Patterns Stud Solid
Stud Cavity
Thickness 7.5mm
Hardness 88 – 92 Shore A
Mass Stud Solid:   ± 10 kg/m2
Stud Cavity: ± 6 kg/m2
Colours Black Premium
Black Industrial

Product Description


Vinyl Floor Tiles - Plasti Lock Big Brother

Product Description

Big Brother is slightly larger in size than the Original range. They are also only available in the 7.5mm thickness. They are manufactured from black, industrial or premium grade recycled vinyl. The industrial grade is more cost effective and has slight visible specs together with flow marks, while the premium,  also using recycled material is cleaner. However, this does not effect the performance of the floor tile. These tiles are cost effective while maintaining it’s durability and strength.

The tiles are available in a 7.5mm cavity stud pattern and a 7.5mm solid stud pattern. The “cavity” means that the underside of the tile has been “hollowed out” thereby saving on material and cost. Please have look at the pictures above that shows this.


In addition to the renowned properties of PVC, the Plasti-Lock Big Brother tiles are 7.5mm thick and have a raised studded surface pattern, which work to alleviate slippage in the case of pedestrian traffic.


The Plasti-Lock tile is cost effective, as the tiles are made from selected re-cycled PVC.


Impact resistant, chemical resistant, slip resistant, hard wearing, excellent thermal and accoustic characteristics.

When installed, the tiles have a, circular “step and repeat” appearance. This circular appearance is a characteristic of the tile and can be enhanced depending on the rooms natural lighting.

Tile size and colour can vary between dye batches and therefore it is important that only tiles from the same batch are used together.


  • Durable, flexible & practical
  • Fast, easy installation and maintenance
  • Little or no production down time when installing
  • Slip resistant surface texture
  • Re-usable


  • Canteens
  • Tyre fitment shops
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Assembly plants
  • Control rooms
  • Offices
  • Retail shops
  • Store rooms
  • Schools
  • Health clubs
  • Laboratories
  • Spinning zones
  • Lifts
  • Creche


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