Tuff Seal Colours. From left to right, Dark Grey, Chocholate Brown, Terracotta, Mushroom0302Tuff Seal patented hidden interlocking design

Tuff Seal Rubber Flooring

Tuff Seal’s hidden interlocking and joining system enables the quick and easy installation of a stylish floor with minimal effort. The tiles are sleek and attractive and compliment a broad range of interior applications.

Product Specifications – Tuff Seal

Size 450mm x 450mm
Patterns Marquis
Thickness 6.3mm
Hardness 88 – 92 Shore A
Mass ± 10 kg/m2
Colours Dark Grey, Chocolate Brown, Terracotta, Mushroom

Product Description


Rubber Flooring - Tuff Seal


Rubber Flooring Colours


The “Tuff Seal” rubber flooring tile is a second generation design with a sealing cavity located on the top lip of the tile joint.

Although adhesives are unnecessary in many light duty applications, it is recommended that the tiles are glued to the subfloor. In dirty or high traffic environments it is recommended that the special interlock glue is used, in addition to the full spread adhesive.

When installed, the tiles have a, circular “step and repeat” appearance. This circular appearance is a characteristic of the tile and can be enhanced depending on the rooms natural lighting.

Tile size and colour can vary between dye batches and therefore it is important that only tiles from the same batch are used together.


This product measures 450 x 450 x 6.3 mm and is available in the Marquis pattern and in four attractive colours. Dark Grey, Chocolate Brown, Terracotta and Mushroom.


  • Home Offices
  • Domestic Garages
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Childrens’ Playrooms
  • Basements


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Finishing trims available
  • Can be installed over contaminated floors


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